Only 120 Volt Products are shown online. Please call for 12 Volt.

A 3-3/8” hole is required to mount all FC-100 series lights.

Yes, all products need a switch. Some products have switches incorporated into the fixture.

Six Lights is the maximum number of fixtures to be operated from one switch.

If you are going to light up more than 3 glass shelves then you will need to consider using a 50watt bulb (FC-110).

A 3-3/8” hole is used when recess mounting a Large puck light. (FC-470 & FC-475)

A 2-3/4" hole is used when mounting a small puck light. (FC-450 & FC-460)

Yes, this is the way a touch dimmer is designed to maximize your dimming. 1 touch low level light, second touch medium and high for the 3rd touch. The fourth touch is off. Please see below videos showing how the touch dimmer should work.


Staging through is a normal occurrence. This happens when the power is fluctuating to much. Simply plug the touch dimmer into a surge protector to control the staging.

Cut-out a 9-3/4” X 1-7/8” to install the FC-625 in a cut-out.

Cut-out a 5-1/4" x 1-7/8" to install the FC-620 in a cut-out.

No, a FC-210 has a switch on the fixture. You need to make sure you can access the switch on the fixture once it is installed in a cabinet. (Just in case it may be installed to high from the floor and you cannot reach for it).