FC-235, Tube Light with Light Brown Reflector

SKU: FC-235
Light up Your Space
Tube lights are an economical solution for providing incandescent lights in cabinets where low profile interior mount fixture is required. This fixture is surface mounted with screws through holes in the reflector. Comes wired with a 30-inch #N108M male power cord for connecting to one of several types of switches available. It also features an on/off rotary switch located at the base of the socket.
Note: Select a Touch Lead for products FC-504, FC-505, FC-505-3, FC-507 (either Ring or Tinned end). Must also select a Touch Button or Plate for products FC-504, FC-505, FC-505-3, and FC-507.

Standard Finishes
• Light Brown (Standard)

Switch Options
• On/off Push Switch 1 lead (FC-500)
On/off (FC-504)
Touch Dimmer (FC-505),
3 Stage Touch Dimmer with T-blade connectors (FC-505-3)
Low Profile Touch Dimmer (FC-507)
300 watts Full Range Rotary Dimmer (FC-510)
300 watts High/Low Dimmer (FC-515)
Roll Switch (FC-520)
Paddle Switch -Normally ON (FC-540)
Paddle Switch -Normally OFF (FC-541)
Rocker Switch (FC-542)

Ring Terminal Options
24” Ring Terminal (FC-880-24)
48” Ring Terminal (FC-880-48)
84” Ring Terminal (FC-880-84)
48” Double Ring Terminal (FC-8800-48)
84” Double Ring Terminal (FC-880-84)
84” Ring Terminal (FC-880-84)

Tinned End Options
24” Tinned End (FC-881-24)
84” Tinned End (FC-881-84)

Touch Button Options

Touch Plate Options
2 x 2 Brass Plate (FC-886)
90-degree Touch Plate (FC-888)
Wire Color: 
Light Brown
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