FC-505-2H - 3 Stage Touch Dimmer

SKU: FC-505-2H
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A three-stage touch dimmer (low, medium, high) which can control up to six fixtures. This harness is designed to have one standard female plug that is controlled by the dimmer and two standard female plugs that have continuous power once the harness has been connected to a wall plug. This unit can be secured with screws and includes a 10-foot power cord, one 12-inch standard female (marked as dimmer controlled), and two 12-inch standard females (marked as continuous power) and a 12-inch touch lead. For use with required touch lead (FC-880, FC-881, or FC-8800). This unit may also carry the model number HF250P-F or HF250P-FTC.

• Black power cord

• Product Dimensions: 3.500" x 2.000" x 1.375"

Touch Lead and Touch Button Options
FC-880-24 Black touch lead
FC-880-48 Black touch lead
FC-880-84 Black touch lead
FC-8800-48 Black touch lead
FC-8800-84 Black touch lead
FC-881-24 Black touch lead
FC-881-48 Black touch lead
FC-881-84 Black touch lead
FC-883 touch button
FC-886 2x2 touch plate
FC-888 90 degree touch plate
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