FC-505 Touch Dimmer 3 Stage Dimmer

SKU: FC-505
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A three-stage touch dimmer (low, medium, high) which can control up to six fixtures. The box can be secured with screws and includes a 10-foot power cord, a 12-inch female non-typical “T”-blade connector, and a 12-inch touch lead. For use with required touch lead (FC-880 or FC-881). This unit MAY or MAY NOT also carry the model number HF250P-F or HF250P-FTC.
• Black power cord

• Product Dimensions: 3.500" x 2.000" x 1.375"

Touch Lead and Touch Button Options
FC-880-24 Black touch lead
FC-880-48 Black touch lead
FC-880-84 Black touch lead
FC-8800-48 Black touch lead
FC-8800-84 Black touch lead
FC-881-24 Black touch lead
FC-881-48 Black touch lead
FC-881-84 Black touch lead
FC-883 touch button
FC-886 2x2 touch plate
FC-888 90 degree touch plate
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