FC-520 - 300 Watt In-Line Roll Switch

SKU: FC-520
Economical and convenient, the
in-line roll switch can be positioned
wherever desired on your power
cord. Simply roll to turn the switch on
or off. For use with any of Furnlite’s
cabinet lighting, the control light can
be purchased as a standard 10'
component item or wired with up to
six fixtures. Furnlite’s exclusive roll
switch holder is optional, designed
to eliminate the problem of locating
and maintaining the switch position.
The holder is attached with adhesive
tape or screws to the furniture’s back
panel or desired location.
The roll switch and wire are slid into
the wire slots of the holder. The roll
switch holder can be pre-installed
onto the switch/power cord or bulk
shipped to be located and installed
by the factory or consumer. Please
contact the factory for assistance
with custom designs.

Switch Holder Color: Black

Switch Colors: Black
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