FC-100/101 - 2 7/8" Tall Incandescent Canister Lights with "T"-Blade Connectors


Light up Your space
This fixture has two louvered vents and houses a 40-watt incandescent bulb with a standard medium base. The canister is constructed of drawn steel, 3-1/4" diameter with a black powder-coated finish. An adjustable plastic mounting ring is mounted 3/4" up. Installation hole of 3-3/8" diameter is required. The fixture is to be installed from the top and is secured with three screws through the mounting ring. The wires exit the top of the canister and are secured with 90-degree bushings. Fixtures can be connected in a series of up to six lights using a 30" male, and the 30" female non-typical "T"-blade connectors. Fixtures fitted with only a 30" male non-typical "T"-blade connector are also available. Select from any switch in the "Light Controls" section.

Note: This item does not plug directly into the wall. You will need to select a switch to plug into the wall. Select a Touch Lead for products FC-504, FC-505, FC-505-3, FC-507 (either Ring or Tinned end). Select a Touch Button or Plate for products FC-504, FC-505, FC-505-3, and FC-507.

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