FC-470/475 - 3 3/8" Diameter Halogen Puck Lights


Light up Your Space
Each puck light is made of PVC plastic with one male and one optional female connector plug. This puck light is a 120 volt light fixture with a 25-watt halogen bulb. It can be surface mounted or it can be installed in a cutout in the top panel of the cabinet. The diameter of the cutout is 3.375 inches. Fixtures can be connected in a series of up to six lights using the 30-inch male and the optional 30-inch female non-typical “T”-blade connectors. Select from any switch shown in the “Light Controls” section for power control.

Note: Select a Touch Lead for products FC-504, FC-505, FC-505-3, FC-507 (either Ring or Tinned end).

Must also select a Touch Button or Plate for products FC-504, FC-505, FC-505-3, and FC-507.

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