FC-620 - 416 Joules Laptop Surge Protector


Power for Your Laptop.

Designed for convenience when using a laptop computer, the FC-620 is a user-friendly electrical power supply with a surge protector. The FC-620 is perfect for desks and workstations where you need fast and easy access to connect your laptop to electrical, phone, data and USB lines.

The angled faceplate extends beyond the cutout or hanger. The unit allows you to conserve the battery of your laptop. The FC-620 offers one power receptacle and matching data, phone and USB ports on the back of the unit. The unit offers 416 joules of surge, a ground indicator light and a 10 foot 14-3 power cord with a 45 degree right angle plug connecting to wall outlet.

Note: the USB ports in this device do not charge unless connected to a transformer or another power supply device. See the usage sheet (FC-620 sheet revised) below. USB cables not included.

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