FC-625 - 1110 Joules Laptop Surge Protector


Power for Your Laptop.

Furnlite’s state-of-the-art surge protector provides a continuous source of power and communication right at your fingertips. A true surge protector designed for desks and workstations.

The heavy-duty switched power supply can be paired with an optional metal hanger allows either horizontal or vertical mounting when a cutout is not desirable.

The unique front finger grip (pull out) allows for easy removal and access to the receptacles, phone lines, data lines, and USB ports. The FC-625 has 2 receptacles on front and 1 receptacle on the rear that have constant power. The FC-625 is rated for 1110 joules of surge protections.

The unit is rated at 12 AMPS and is UL and cUL listed. The unit also has 3 receptacles on the rear that are controlled by the switch on the face of the unit. 

Note: The FC-625 is for computer equipment only. The USB ports in this device do not charge unless connected to a transformer or another power supply device. See the usage sheet (FC-625 usage sheet) below.

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